animal nutrition, native species, biotechnology, energy direction


The objective of the present study was to assess the reproductive performance of silver catfish Rhamdia quelen fed with diets supplemented with growing levels of L-carnitine. 288 juveniles with average initial weight of 94.36 ± 3.76g, fed during 126 days with diets containing 400, 800, 1200, 1600 and 2000 mg. kg-1 of L-carnitine and one control diet. Females fed with diets supplemented with 400 mg. kg-1 of L-carnitine presented increase in fertilization and fertility, reduction in levels of triglycerides and plasma calcium when fed with diets supplemented with 1600 mg. kg-1 of L-carnitine. Males fed with diets supplemented with 1600 mg. kg-1 of L-carnitine presented increase in spermatozoa and improvement in semen quality. Structural changes were observed in the development of germ cells in females and males, even though all fish were in final stages of maturation in all treatments.  The offspring from breeding animals fed with 400 mg. kg-1 of L-carnitine presented better potentials of development during the embryonic process. Therefore, the L-carnitine supplementation in diets stimulates the gonad development of breeding animals and also speeds up the initial development of silver catfish offspring.


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